Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

At RAFFMEDICA, we supply a wide range and brands of hospital equipment, medical equipment & supplies, devices & equipment, medical disposable laboratory products, mobility aids, rehabilitation products to government hospitals, medical centres, clinics and general public for their home use.

Focusing on medical care products with high standards & quality, we ensure we deliver the best services and solution to our customers.

RAFFMEDICA Sdn Bhd supply products for:


Oxygen Therapy

  • Oxygen Nasal Cannula
  • Nasal Prong
  • Oxygen Mask
  • Nebulize Mask
  • Venturi Mask W/Two Diluters
  • Tracheostomy Mask
  • Infant Nasal Cpap Kit

Anaesthesia Breathing System

  • Anaesthesia Mask W/Valve
  • Anaesthesia Gas Sampling Line
  • Nopharyngeal
  • Disposable Breathing Bag
  • Lumbar Puncture Pressure Line W/Transducer Protector
  • Disposable Corrugated or Expandable with Elbow
  • Disposable Paediatric Corrugated or Expandable Anaesthetic Circuit
  • Coaxial Circuits with Bagging Limb
  • Disposable Paediatric Resuscitation Circuit
  • Disposable Infant Resuscitation Circuit
  • BiPaP Circuit / Ventilator Circuit
  • Disposable Catheter Mounts

Ventilator Accessories

  • Adult Corrugated or Expandable Disposable Circuit
  • Paediatric Corrugated or Expandable Circuit
  • Disposable Transport Ventilator Circuit
  • Coaxial Disposable Transport Ventilator Circuit
  • Flowsensor


  • Emergency Nasal Co2 Sampling Cannula
  • Nasal Co2 Sampling Cannula
  • Lo-Flo Nasal/Oral CO2 Sampling Cannula
  • Nasal CO2 Sampling Cannula w/O2 Delivery
  • Nasal Dual CO2 Sampling Cannula w/O2 Delivery
  • Duo Flow O2 + CO2 Sampling Cannula
  • Capnomask O2 + CO2 Sampling Mask
  • Mainstream End Tidal CO2 Sensor


  • Extension Line
  • Extension Line – High Pressure
  • Extension Line with 3-Way Stopcock


  • Suction Connecting Tube
  • Yankauer Handle Crown Tip
  • Mucus Extractor
  • Closed Suction Catherer

Bio-Medical Waste

  • Sharps Container

Patient Bathing Products

  • Rinse-free for complete perineal care
  • Rinse-free conditioning shampoo
  • Suction Toothbrush
  • Suction Swab